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Recently, Pot Cargo has teamed up with Blitz Payment Solutions to offer their customers a faster and simpler payment method right from the site!

After you have checked out, click on the “Pay Now” button either on the website or from your email confirmation!

This will trigger an Interac window to pop up and prompt you to:

1.) Locate your Bank to Sign In through the Interac gateway

2.) Pick the Account you would like to pay with if you have multiple

3.) Then Just Approve the Interac Request for Payment – it is that easy!

PLEASE NOTE: Please avoid adding any info to the memo portion of your payment. We will sync your payment to your order automatically!

After payment is confirmed, the message will let you know that your Payment Sent!

If you exit the Interac window in error, or you would like to pay later, you can always access the payment option by navigating to your Account > Orders where you can open the order again and complete the payment OR you can access the Pay Now button straight from your email confirmation!

There are some banks that do not support the Interac Request for Payment feature. Here is a list of banks of banks that will!

If your bank is one that does not support the request for payment feature, you can send a manual email money transfer by following these steps:

· Log Into Your Bank

· Locate Interac eTransfers

· Add New Contact

· Payee / Recipient Name: Blitz

· Notify by Email: [email protected]

· Memo: Your Order Number Only

This email is set up for auto-deposit, but if a security question and password is necessary, please use the following:

· Security Question: what is the password

· Answer: cargopay

  • If payment is not received within 24 hours, your order will automatically be cancelled

  • Please make sure your order number is included in the E Transfer memo to ensure your order processes quickly

  • If your payment is made to a cancelled order, it will be credited to your account and can be redeemed towards a new order at checkout.

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