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Here are all the places you can share reviews and their associated points:

How to leave a product review on our site:

Head to your profile and click on 'Order History'. From there you can review your past orders by clicking 'Review Order'

Once the first product has loaded, simply rate the product out of 5 stars and leave your written review in the text box. Once complete, click next to take you to the next product.

Once all products have been reviewed, you will arrive at our tank you page. You can review your points balance from here to see your rewarded points!

How to leave a review on Instagram:

You can either leave a review in your story or make a post on your feed!

Here's how to qualify:

  • If sharing to your story, mention us by tagging @pot_cargo, after sharing to your story, take a screen shot and complete the form below

  • If posting to your feed, be sure to tag @pot_cargo and use the hashtag #potcargo, take a screen hot of your post and complete the form below

  • Want to make an unboxing video? Amazing! Be sure to mention 'Pot Cargo' in your video title/description, tag @pot_cargo and include our hashtag #potcargo, take a screenshot and complete the form below

    • Restrictions: Videos should be 1 - 3 minutes long, remove all shipping labels and personal info prior to recording, limit 1 video per order.

    • Was your video rejected? This could be why: Missing 'Pot Cargo' in title or description, video was under 1 minute, inappropriate content.

How to leave a review on Twitter:

Here's how to qualify:

  • Tag @potcargo and use the hashtag #potcargo in your tweet

  • Product and strain name must be included in your tweet (ex. Mimosa - Pot Cargo - June 2021)

  • Screenshot and link your post and complete the form below

How to leave a review on Youtube (and other similar sites):

Here's how to qualify:

  • Include 'Pot Cargo' in any video title and description

  • Include our site link in your video description

  • include our hashtag #potcargo anywhere applicable

  • Videos need to be between 1 - 3 minutes

  • If a written review, include product/strain name (ex. Mimosa - Pot Cargo - June 2021)

  • After posting your review, screenshot and link your review and complete the form below

How to leave a review on Reddit:

Here's how to qualify:

  • Head to the subreddit MOMPics

  • Title should include strain name, Pot Cargo, month and year of purchase (ex. Mimosa - Pot Cargo - June 2021)

  • Once posted, screenshot and link your review and complete the form below

Completed Review Form:

Screenshot and/or link to your review posts and complete this form to claim your store credit - Click Here For Form

Our great team of agents are on standby to help with any questions! Prefer to chat? Give us a call at +1 833-628-0260!


Please post everywhere you'd like and send us the review with the most engagement because only one review per product is eligible for points

The material and information contained on this page is for general information purposes only. All information, links, or other messages in regards to this program are subject to change at any time without prior notice. In particular, Pot Cargo is not obligated to remove any outdated information from its website or to expressly mark it as being outdated.

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