Here at Pot Cargo, we offer affordable and reliable cannabis products. While typical pricing structures might make sense for other businesses, we want to provide our customers consistent pricing and quality assurance with every purchase through a unique and transparent pricing approach.

Explore the best of Canadian Craft cannabis through Pot Cargo's Tasting Menu

At Pot Cargo, we are elevating the cannabis experience, and encourage you to explore the depth and breadth of our flower menu with our Tasting Menu. Inspired by wine tastings and craft beer flights, you can select from our Taster or Flight options

with prices that aren't inflated and won't break your wallet.

Our Sizes

Taster (1g) - For strains you want to try out, or for a quick joint.

Flight (3g & 3.5g) - Perfect for variety, sampling, and a couple of bong hoots!

Quarter / Half- For strains, you know you like.

Ounce - For strains you know and love, and just can’t get enough of.

Our Promise

We take our customer's needs very seriously, and being able to offer prices and a service that is right for you is our ultimate definition of success!

If you have any questions, feel free to speak with a live agent.

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